Asphalt Grid Systems is proud to be the longest standing UK supplier of Tencate Geosynthetics Paving Products. We provide unrivalled quality and services throughout the United Kingdom to clients, contractors and local authorities.  

Industry experience

At Asphalt Grid Systems we are specialist UK suppliers, installers and distributors of Asphalt Reinforcement and Geosynthetics. We have over 15 years of industry experience. We are currently offering three services:

Road and runway specialists

Asphalt Grid Systems are a company dedicated to improving the longevity of pavement surfaces and reducing the long term maintenance costs for our customers. We are also keen to take an international product line provided by Tencate Geosynthetics and bring its unique features into a UK market that has yet to match all the advantages of these revolutionary products. We are currently the longest-standing provider of these products.

Nationwide coverage

We also stand for quick distribution and access to these materials to be installed around the UK. For this reason, we have recently begun specialising in storage and distribution with our head of operations based in Sheffield, 800 metres from the M1, at the core of the country. Because of this location, we can offer nationwide coverage.

Absolute quality and service

At Asphalt Grid Systems we stand for nothing less than absolute quality and service. This outstanding offering can be seen by our variety of long-standing clients. On top of this, our team are always available to assist with your questions and make sure that Asphalt Grid Systems meets all your needs from design to completion.

UK Map showing the location of Asphalt Grid Systems
Asphalt Grid System’s head of operations is situated just north of Sheffield, at the core of the country
Asphalt Grid Systems Accreditation

We ensure the best possible integration of Asphalt Reinforcement with our NHSS Sector Scheme 13 accreditation for the supply and installation of Asphalt Geosynthetics

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