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Control reflective cracking and improve the longevity of surfaces by introducing reinforced SAMI layers.     


Purchase products from the United Kingdom’s longest standing supplier of Tencate Pavement Geosynthetics.


Based strategically in the United Kingdom to offer next day delivery.

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Store your business vehicles in our 24 hour access & CCTV monitored compound.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve longevity, maintenance costs and carbon footprints of roads and runways by utilising our experience of Asphalt Reinforcement and Geosynthetics. We are the longest standing UK supplier of Tencate Geosynthetics. This manufacturer presents a range of revolutionary products to be used on the roads and other settings.

We have nationwide coverage from our base of operations that is minutes away from the M1, just north of Sheffield. At this site, we have a team of specialist engineers and staff who work closely with our clients in order to ensure great results, as well as keeping a close watch of health and safety on-site and in the workshop.

Recently, we have become an apprentice employer, because of this we are able to stay ahead of the curve ensuring that we are using the most up to date machinery and tools.  

If you are in need of Asphalt Reinforcement or Geosynthetics or simply want to see how Asphalt Grid Systems can help your business please get in touch with us now.

View us in action

Installation of Polyfelt PGM-B 100/100 High Modulus Filament Yarns (Flawborough)

Installation of Polyfelt PGM-B 100/100 High Modulus Basalt Filament Yarns (Worksop)

At Asphalt Grid Systems, we work closely with our clients, because of this we can ensure the best possible results. Our case studies demonstrate the excellent results we are capable of.

Read all about our past projects and case studies

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